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About Our Services

With almost two decades in the arboricultural industry, today our tree company delivers an outstanding quality tree service to residential and commercial property owners all around Inverness, FL and the surroundings. You can turn to us for tree trimming, cutting, planting, inspections, hazardous removals, and structural pruning as well as bush and shrub trimming, shaping, and, removing. We also sell firewood, offer agriculture fencing installations, land clearing, palm tree care, mulching services.

There When You Need Us

While trimming, cutting, pruning, and removing a tree are all operations that tree owners are well aware of, there are other more specialized services that very few providers offer. One of these services is our tree cutting . This means a tree surgeon of our team will climb up the tree or trees and manually remove the so-called Spanish moss which is a distant cousin of the staghorn fern. This procedure should only be performed by a certified professional, like the ones at Cat 5 Tree Service’s team, as it includes defoliating a fair amount of vital leaves from the tree. If you wish to benefit from a tree trimming service, don’t compromise on quality and get a specialist from our crew to handle it! The same goes for hazardous tree and stump removals.

About Our Work Process

We are approachable by call and text, and our tree specialists are available 24/7 in all the areas we serve. Cat 5 Tree Service has a modern fleet of professional-grade equipment and tools so you will be getting the finest quality tree care services.

Have you just bought a property with trees shaping its garden? Our tree trimming will keep them looking gorgeous and healthy. When the times comes, our team’s tree cutting will ensure no broken, dried out, or damaged branches threaten to fall from the tree and put your loved ones in harm’s way. Grab the phone and call today for an estimate or to book one of the services we offer in and around Inverness, FL!

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